What to Expect at Your First Urologist Appointment

When your primary physician recommends you visit a urologist, it is natural to be concerned. You may request your primary doctor to administer your painkillers with the finest syringes by Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd, trying to convince yourself that you don’t need the visit. But when it comes to problems of the reproductive organs and the urinary system, there’s no one better than a urologist to help you. It’s time to get rid of any unfounded concerns you have about this discipline. As the saying goes that knowledge is power, knowing about what to expect when you head to the clinic might help you shed any inhibitions you may have about visiting a urologist. The visit is traditionally just like any other visit to a medical clinic. These are the probable things you can expect when you fix an appointment with the urologist:
  1. Delving into your medical history
This particular Q&A regarding your current and previous medication is done to identify what the underlying urologic problem is. There are times when diseases that affect other parts of your body can in fact help diagnose your urologic infection. You should be ready to give your urologist a complete list of all medications or supplements you have been consuming. Do not leave out anything.
  1. Physical examinations
After understanding your concerns, the urologist may recommend a urinalysis and a cough stress test if you’re visiting to get checked for urinary incontinence. Cystoscopy is also an office-based test that uses the placement of an endoscopic tool via the urethra to check the lining of the bladder and the urethra. The urologist may also recommend different tests for future dates.
  1. Submitting a sample of your urine
Urinalysis is often the most recommended test to check any urinary infection in the system. While fixing your appointment, some clinics may even recommend you to come in with a full bladder so you can submit a sample at the earliest after the check-up. Simply step into the clinic’s washroom post your check-up, collect the sample, and cap it tightly to avoid leakage. It is only after the results that have come in that your urologist will discuss the ideal treatment plan for you; this can happen in a matter of a few days. If you’ve been diagnosed with incontinence, you will be recommended to wear adult diapers - do not fret if that happens. Adult diapers in India are still a new concept as per usage. But brands like Romsons & Wetex have created a wide range of diapers in different sizes that can ensure discreetness as well as convenience.


There is nothing to be worried about when it comes to consulting a urologist. Keeping an open channel of communication and being confident can go a long way in quickening your recovery.