Disposable Hospital Wear

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Disposable Hospital Wear

Disposable Hospital Wear is worn by surgeons, nurses, and other hospital staff and is water resistant, sturdy in construction and economical. They prevent the wearer from coming in contact with any infectious material and also prevent the vulnerable patients from contamination due to weakened immune system. Disposable hospital clothes for patients is intended for single use after which it has to be discarded.

1.Disposable Arm Sleeve

Disposable Arm sleeves prevent any contamination and staining. It is elasticized at both the ends for proper fit.

2.Disposable Full Body Suit

These one or two piece apparel provide a clean barrier in emergency room, intensive care units and other hospital set ups.

3.Disposable Pyjama

Disposable Pyjama are worn by patients and are intended for single use.

4.Disposable Shoe Cover

These are utilized to maintain adequate hygiene standards in hospitals.

5.Disposable Shirt

This non-woven shirt is suitable for males and females and is intended for one time use.

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