Welcome to Supply This

Our Purpose
• We started off in 2015 with the dream of bridging the purchase pricing gaps that exist between neighborhood hospitals and clinics.
• Today, our partnership with Aknamed, allows supplythis.com to scale nationally and realize our larger goal- to be a one-stop solution for the smooth running of your hospital's procurement planning and execution.
• We make this possible by providing you with the best cost savings and quality solutions.

Healthcare Procurement Industry

Current Challenges
• Multiple layers in the supply chain led to rigid inventory structures, additional costs, and lack of transparency in purchasing processes.
• Absence of bulk buying option for neighborhood hospitals.
• Unorganized and multiple vendors.
• Inconsistent product availability.
• Stagnant inventory
• Locked up working capital position.
• Cold chain storage and wastage.


Time & Money Savings, guaranteed
• One stop solution for medical supplies refiling in neighborhood hospitals and clinics.
• Simplifies logistics, providing fully equipped vans for fast-moving consumables to avoid wasted inventory and delayed deliveries.
• Connects buyers and suppliers, helping them to make informed decisions.
• Provides a unified experience for the purchase of medical supplies — right from comparing and choosing products to payment and tracking of orders.
• Streamlines and instills transparency, leading to maximized monthly cash flow and better patient care.
• Aggregates market demand, resulting in reduced costs and less wastage of inventory