Littmann Lightweight II Stethoscopes

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3M Littman Lightweight II Stethoscopes

Littman Lightweight II series of stethoscopes from 3M offer an ideal entry-level stethoscope model. At 118 grams they have the lightest weight of all the Littman adult stethoscopes. This feature enables the medical practitioners or caregivers to wear and use the stethoscopes for long periods of time conveniently.  The instrument is designed with a tuneable diaphragm —a 3M invention— which enables the audibility of high or low frequency sounds by slight adjustment of the pressure on the chest-piece. The chest piece should be held with light pressure to hear low frequency sounds and slightly pressed to hear higher frequency sounds. The dual-sided chestpiece of the stethoscope provides versatility of both a tuneable diaphragm and an open bell side. The chest piece is in a tear-drop shape that can be comfortably positioned under blood pressure cuffs and around bandages, making for easier but reliable patient auscultation.

The stethoscopes of this series are also fitted with a non-chill diaphragm and rim to provide patient comfort. The ear-tips of the stethoscope snap firmly onto the ends of the ear-tubes and for safety and require a significant effort to remove. The instrument’s head-set can also be easily adjusted to fit the head sizes of different individuals by squeezing together or pulling apart the ear tubes. Fabricated with next-generation tubing, the stethoscope retains its shape over time and is safe for use by skin-sensitive doctors and patients since the material it has been designed with does not contain phthalate plasticizers. For consistency in quality, all Littman Lightweight II stethoscopes are manufactured in the United States of America (USA) and are supported by a two-year warranty.

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