Scope in Takeover of Pharmacy

  • Operate & Manage the OP & IP Pharmacy excluding narcotics
  • Maintain adequate inventory 24 x 7 to make products available for OP & IP Pharmacy
  • Implement SOP’s for Receiving, Barcoding, Storage, Dispensing, Indents, Billing, Returns, Expiry Handling and Disposal
  • Will work closely Hospital pharmacy team for rate contracts and formulary list preparation
  • Implement a system for QR Coding Items for OP & IP and improve operational efficiency
  • Provide reliable visibility to management for ongoing operations


  • Savings accrual of 5 % of total revenue, spent on staffing and other ancillary services. Increase in percentage of saving to 10% over 12 Months.
  • Unlocking of working capital for diversion from pharmacy after it has been handed over to
  • Supplythis
  • Enabling door delivery of medicines from Hospital pharmacy to ensure minimisation of time impediments and setbacks
  • Introduction of Non-Pharma products, mother, and baby care and FMCG
  • Taking over Complete Pharmacy management.