Checklist for a Clinic

The most important component of your clinic setup is the medical equipment and machines required to conduct your patients’ check-ups and consultations. Always do a thorough vendor check before buying any instruments or equipment and ensure that you purchase well-known, branded equipment. Blindly selecting a machine or equipment for the only reason of it being the most cost-friendly option can compromise the accuracy of results and the hygiene quotient of your clinic.

Some common instruments and equipment that are required in every type of clinic are:


Apart from such instruments, and depending on the specialty of your new clinic, you may need special equipment and instruments, such as:

  • Portable X-ray machine, especially if you are a dentist. Most clinics other than dental clinics advise their patients to get an X-ray from a nearby testing centre.
  • Glucose testing machine; most general physicians or diabetologists keep this machine.
  • Surgical tools


Surgical Instruments

Some clinics conduct detailed surgical procedures. If you intend to perform surgeries in your clinic, here are the four types of surgical instruments you must have in your clinic:


  • Cutting and Dissecting: These instruments are used to cut delicate tissues. Examples: scalpels, surgical scissors, blades.
  • Clamping and Occluding: Such instruments are used to clamp blood vessels: Examples: Hemostats.
  • Retracting and Exposing: These instruments are used to hold back or retract tissues or organs to gain exposure to the operative site during surgery.
  • Grasping and Holding: Forceps are the most common example of this type of surgical instrument. As the name suggests, these are used to hold the tissue or part of an organ during surgery.


Protective Face Masks & Gloves

The present times of the COVID-19 pandemic warrant extra precaution with regard to hygiene and social interaction. More so, in clinics and hospitals, where chances of any contagion transmission are higher as you and your staff will be consecutively interacting with individuals at close quarters.


You must use personal safety equipments like protective masks, surgical gloves, and medical gloves at all times in your clinic. You can perhaps keep some extra masks for patients who have arrived at your clinic without protective masks for the safety of all.


Ensure that you keep a separate closed bin for the safe disposal of masks and gloves in your clinic. Unless mentioned otherwise, do not reuse masks and gloves as that may be ineffective and dangerous for your health.


Medical Sterilization and Disinfection Products

Clinics can turn out to be a hotspot for infection and diseases if not cleaned thoroughly. 

You can place online orders for multiple cleaning and disinfection supplies that you will require for your clinic, like:


  • Floor disinfectant liquids
  • Brooms and mops
  • Sanitizers
  • Medical disinfectant spray
  • Cleaning wipes and dusters
  • Cleaning gloves
  • Dustbin bags
  • Tissue papers


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