World Cancer Day 2021: I Am and I Will

World Cancer Day is celebrated every year on 4th of July as a global awareness day to raise and spread the knowledge about cancer, its prevention, detection and treatment. Celebrated on an international scale, the campaign is organized by the Union for the International Cancer Control (UICC) in support of the goals set by World Cancer Declaration.
World Cancer Day theme for this year is “I can, we can”. It acknowledges that every individual is capable of addressing the burden of cancer. We need to work together to reduce the factors that increase the risks of cancer. To battle this deadly disease, we need to overcome barriers of early diagnosis, palliative care and treatment. Global targets can be achieved only by working together resulting in a reduction of premature mortality due to cancer and NCDs. Our actions have an impact on everyone around us, in our communities and cities. This year is a reminder of the importance and power of cooperation and collective action.
History of World Cancer Day
In 2000, International Cancer Day was established at the World Cancer Summit Against Cancer held in Paris. The Charter of Paris Against Cancer was formed that included the establishing of World Cancer Day official documents. The document was signed on 4th Feb 2000, by the then French President “Jacques Chirac” and General Director of UNESCO “Koichiro Matsuura”.
Purpose of World Cancer Day
The aim of the campaign is to reduce the death and health effects emerging due to cancer. It is an initiative to make the international community aware of the suffering of cancer patients and their needs. It also works towards bursting the myths and reducing the stigma associated with the disease.
Key Issues Related to Cancer That Need to be Addressed
- Steps by government to influence ways of reducing and preventing cancer.

- Prevention of cancer and reducing the mortality rates.

- Increase awareness about the disease and bursting myths about the same.

- Access to cancer treatment and services including timely diagnosis and live saving procedures in an equal manner for all.

The fight against cancer is a long and difficult one. Despite great advancements in medical science and treatment of cancer, we need to work towards raising awareness about cancer and its impact on an individual’s life. However, we can always contribute by taking up minor steps to help win this battle. This makes it imperative for us to participate in the World Cancer Awareness Day
campaign and work for the greater good!