World Blood Donor Day 2021

“Because, anybody can save lives”


Millions of lives are saved with safe blood donations and their transfusion. Considering how critical it is in times of emergency, every year the world celebrates Blood Donor Day on June 14th with an aim to raise awareness about the dire need for safe blood as a lifesaving gift. Blood services give patients the access to safe blood products in sufficient supplies and are hence a crucial factor of an efficacious medical system. Having said that, the global theme of World Blood Donor Day changes every year in order to honor all those individuals who selflessly donate blood to strangers.

Even during the COVID-19 period, a lot of people required blood donors to help improve the health and quality of life of so many patients across the world. Having access to blood plays a critical role for all those who are in need of it. In fact, despite the pandemic, donors in countries across the world have continued to donate blood and plasma to patients who need a transfusion. Smart Medical Buyer, one of the most popular online medical stores, makes it a whole lot easier to access medical devices that include quality blood transfusion products - from blood administration set to scalp vein set - they have it all.

This sort of extraordinary work has clearly highlighted the significant role of well-organized, committed, voluntary and non-remunerated blood donors in simply ensuring a safe, secure and sufficient blood supply in times of emergency.



Observed on the 14th of June, blood donation day marks the birthday of Karl Landsteiner. Celebrated for the first time in 2004 to spread awareness about the sheer need for regular blood donations to be able to save lives, the aim is to simply raise public awareness about the need for voluntary and safe blood donation by healthy people.

In May 2005, the World Health Organization with over 192 member states had established Blood Donor Day at the 58th World Health Assembly in order to inspire and motivate all other countries throughout the world to simply be grateful to all the blood donors for their selfless act of donating blood to save lives.

Theme, 2021

For the year 2021, the blood donation day slogan will be ‘Give blood and keep the world beating’. As beautiful as it is, the message highlights the essential contribution blood donors make in order to keep the world pulsating by saving lives and improving others’ health. What’s best is, it reinforces the universal call for more people across the world to come forward and donate blood regularly, thereby contributing to better health.

This year’s campaign will be hosted by Italy through its National Blood Centre. To be held in Rome on June 14th, 2021, this time the focus is specifically on the role of young people in order to ensure a safe blood supply. Considering the fact that young people form a large sector of the population in most societies and are generally full of idealism, zeal and creativity, it is majorly them who have been at the forefront of activities as well as in initiatives concerning safe blood supplies through voluntary and non-remunerated blood donations.



Every year, World Blood Donor Day is celebrated, keeping in mind a few goals. Some of them are listed down below:

- In order to thank blood donors across the world in order to create wider public awareness of the need for regular and unpaid blood donation.

- To promote the community values of blood donation so as to enhance community solidarity and social cohesion.

- To simply encourage the youth of today to embrace the humanitarian call to donate blood as well as to inspire others in doing the same.

- To celebrate the potential of youth as partners in promoting health.


Working in solidarity for World Blood Donor Day

Our sheer involvement and support will help ensure a greater impact for this auspicious day. At this hour of need, it is important to display a life-saving act of solidarity by taking a step forward, donating blood and strengthening each element of every healthcare system.

In the last few years, World Blood Donor Day has successfully raised awareness about the necessity of donating blood, thereby saving millions of lives. In fact, a lot of patients who have suffered from complicated surgical procedures are now actually living a longer, healthier and fitter life. The event promotes a world that shares the view of a better and healthier tomorrow - because a little effort on our part can make all the difference in the lives of many.