Ushering In the Next Era of Medical Apps with Smart Medical Buyer for Android and iOS

“Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower…” With the recent release of the Android and iOS medical apps, Smart Medical Buyer is bringing mobility along with the power of a comprehensive eCommerce mobile portal to buy medical equipment and products. Online shopping and eCommerce has boomed in sectors like FMCG, groceries, and recently even medical consultation, there is still some time before the Indian online sector reaches the maturity demonstrated by its more ‘evolved’ western counterparts. This is exactly what the Smart Medical Buyer mobile app intends to change.

Reimagining Online Ordering with Medical Apps for Doctors

As and when the requirement arises, the only reliable way to procure medicines in India is by getting the stuff directly from the medical store down the corner of the street. The availability of the exact product and transparent pricing becomes a big concern in such a scenario. On the other hand, the online medical apps constitute a niche domain for now and few firms in India are really trying to make a difference in this sector. Recently, there has been a slew of options for ordering medical equipment apps and/or medical apps for hospital products. Reliability, however, is sorely missing. Product sorting based on medical manufacturing companies is not present either. On the other end of this chain are medical apps for doctors that are segregated and hardly have the product listings in a way that can make prescriptions easier.

 The Two Traits that Drive the Best Medical Apps

There are two traits of mobile apps that have made them the next big thing in driving online procurement experiences — geographical penetration and convenience. As a matter of fact, the best medical apps need to tap into these two aspects as much as any other genre. The smartphone and mobile internet revolution in India has made online purchases much easier. The benefits have also trickled down to the end-users in the form of lower costs and higher feasibility. But, in an industry, as constricted as medical tools and equipment, price disparity is one of the biggest issues and transparency is purely lacking. That’s exactly why a new entrant was envisioned that emphasizes on these exact traits in the domain of medical apps for hospital products — an entrant that is set to change online medical equipment ordering experience for buyers and exceed the standards for medical apps for doctors. This brought us to...

 Redefining the Online Medical Equipment Ordering Space

Smart Medical Buyer is not just a medical app, but rather, a tool that can change the way the common brethren shop for specific medical products from companies. Once a user opens up the app, he/she is greeted with a sign-up screen that allows for easy setup of the account. Security options include OTP generation for mobile numbers for two-step authentication. Moving further, the user gets access to buy the widest range of medical products ranging from blood pressure monitors to cleaning kits and from antimicrobial dressings to glucose monitors. We have now taken another solid step towards fixing the fragmentation and lack of visibility in medical supplies with this medical app available on Android as well as iOS. We believe that in the long run, this shall help standardize this genre of medical apps for doctors and end-customers seeking specific medical products. We are observant as we move forward to the next era of medical apps for Android and iOS.