Understanding Disposable Syringes and Their Advantages

What is a Disposable Syringe? 

Before the medical sector witnessed tremendous advancement, doctors had to use and reuse the same syringe on different patients. This is because syringes were expensive and not manufactured abundantly. Hence, it was crucial for all doctors to sterilize the syringe properly after every use and sharpen it timely. Although most doctors followed the guidelines strictly, many often failed to sterilize and store the syringe properly. As a result, it led to the spread of various diseases. 

Disposable syringes are an important innovation as they are quite cheap and doctors can throw them away after one use. Hence, the chances of diseases spreading are eliminated. Disposable syringes have a body made of plastic and are of various sizes. In some cases, they come with attached needles. A cover stays attached to the needle so that there are no chances of injury and it stays sterilized at the same time. 

What are the various types of Disposable Syringes?

There are various types of disposable syringes available in the market, each designed for a specific purpose. Often the parts are interchanged, depending on the need. Mentioned below are the differences that you will notice in different disposable syringes: 

  • The size of the syringe
  • The tip of the syringe
  • Needle type
  • The length of the needle 
  • A 2-part needle
  • A 3-part needle

What are the Benefits of using a Disposable Syringe? 

The biggest advantages of using a disposable syringe are of course sterilization and safety. With the inception of disposable syringes, patients do not have to completely rely on the sterilization methods of the doctors for their safety as they are disposed of after one use. Hence, there are no chances of cross-contamination. 

Other benefits of using disposable syringes include their price. As compared to traditional syringes, these disposable syringes are way cheaper and do not require any maintenance. Also, the doctors do not have to be responsible for sharpening them. Hence, they can pay more attention to taking care of the patients rather than taking care of the expensive medical instruments. Also, accidents can happen at any time. If a disposable syringe breaks by accident or gets lost, it will not be a huge loss. A doctor can easily afford to buy a new one, which is not the case with expensive reusable syringes. 

Lastly, disposable syringes are not harmful when they are properly disposed of. They are an eco-friendly option and do not degrade the quality of the environment. As the world is slowly shifting towards eco-friendly alternatives, this feature proves to be very beneficial. If they are disposed of properly and kept out of reach, the community will stay safe. 

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