Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in different types and it is absolutely necessary that you select the ones that you are most comfortable with, given the fact that you are going to use them for a long time. Hearing aids can be differentiated based on a number of factors and in this article, we will find out about the various hearing aids that you can choose from based on your convenience.


1. Analogue Hearing Aids:

Being the most basic type of hearing aids, they simply amplify the sounds in the atmosphere for the user to a fixed volume based on their condition. However, this may cause trouble when the user is in a noisy area, which is why some analogue hearing aids now come with different settings for different surroundings

2. Digital Hearing Aids:

Digital hearing aids are becoming more and more common nowadays as a result of their excellent and convenient functions. They work in a much more complex manner to provide maximum comfort to the user by analyzing the environment around them and duplicating the sounds nearby in a way that ensures more clarity and precision

3. Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids:

Also called BTE hearings aids these are the ones that have the whole electronic system behind the ear with a small wire that connects it with the speaker and microphone fitted in an earmold in the outer ear. These hearing aids are good for people of all ages, however, some users might feel the device is bulky and causes an earwax build-up problem. And since the earmold blocks the ear canal the user’s own voice might sound muffled to them

4. Mini BTE Hearing Aids:

Mini BTE hearing aids work just like the normal Behind-the-ear ones, except for the part where their ears aren’t completely plugged with an earmold and the ear canal is partially open to help avoid earwax buildup and muffled voice

5. In-the-ear (ITE) Hearing Aids:

As the name suggests, these types of hearing aids are the ones that completely sit inside the ear without any part of the device outside the ear. They are not suitable for children since their constantly growing ears shall require frequent earmold changing and are preferred by adults with mild-to-severe hearing loss

6. In the Canal(ITC) and Completely in the Canal(CTC) Aids:

These types of hearing aids are very small and easily fit into the user’s ear canal. Most people prefer them because they are not very visible from the outside, however, due to their small size they can be problematic to adjust at times. ITC hearing aids are the ones that are partially inside the ear canal and the CIC hearing aids are the ones that are completely in the ear canal

7. Middle Ear Implants:

Middle ear implants are surgically placed in one of the small bones in the middle of the patient’s ear to move bones and strengthen sound vibrations


So now you all you need to about the different types o hearing and can easily choose the perfect ones for yourself.