SMB: The Healthcare Solutions Company You Can Trust

The role of the medical sector in eradicating or lessening the prevalence of diseases and saving precious lives is phenomenal. Yet, there are times when medical products are not easily available or are of inferior quality. This can pose challenges for both healthcare staff and patients. Non-availability of good products will seriously impact the work of doctors and nurses, and also lead to fatalities. Though there are numerous companies and portal sites that are selling various types of medical equipment, not all of them can be relied upon. To ensure that you get the right equipment, and your patients get the right treatment, it is necessary to partner with reputed online sites like Smart Medical Buyer. A leading portal, SMB is providing a wide array of medical products online at competitive rates.


Smart Medical Buyer was established in 2015 by Allumer Medical Private Limited (AMPL), and within a short span of six years has come to be the trusted source for healthcare staff and patients. The portal has simplified the process of finding superior quality equipment and also given the buyers a much wider choice. SMB is operated by experienced professionals and stocks more than 8000 products. At the click of a button, you can access a range of well-crafted and high-standard products like surgical mesh, wound care products, dressings, needles, surgical tapes, dental cements, dialysis supplies, syringes, urology supplies, and various other products and equipment.

To ensure that quality is not compromised and that the buyers get the right products at the right price, SMB has partnered with leading brands of medical equipment. Some of the well-known Indian and foreign brands whose products can be found on the site include Easycare, Ron & Baker, Smith & Nephew, B Braun, Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices, Romsons, and Coloplast, to name a few.

The procurement of medical infrastructure and equipment is sometimes very difficult in some parts of the country. To overcome this challenge, the company ensures that these areas get the regular supplies of medical equipment through its site so that the work of healthcare professionals does not suffer, and patients get the best treatment. By providing good quality equipment and supplies at affordable prices, the company is striving to reduce the increasing cost of medical procedures, thereby making life much easier for patients.


One of the best medical devices suppliers, SMB endeavors to make your process of buying medical equipment convenient, secure, and offers you complete peace of mind.