Know The Signs of Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing loss is a serious ailment that can make it extremely tough for the person to communicate with other people. The impact of hearing loss is more profound in children. Even a partial hearing loss can have a significant impact on the overall development of the child. Therefore, it is important to find out early on whether your kid is suffering from hearing problems. In case you have doubts, meet the doctor who will suggest the treatments that need to be taken like using hearing aids such as Widex Hearing Aid India among others. Parents also need to look out for signs that indicate whether the child is suffering from hearing loss.

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Identifying hearing loss in kids

Hearing loss in children occurs due to several reasons like illnesses, injury, administering certain types of medications, or being exposed to loud sounds. If you come across one or a few of the below-mentioned signs then there is a high probability that your child is suffering from hearing loss and needs urgent medical treatment. A hearing aid equipped with an efficient hearing aid battery will help alleviate the problem to a great extent.

Many times when the parents address their kids, they will not be able to follow what is being said. This is a cause for alarm, as it is an indication the child is having hearing problems.

The child often talks in loud tones, much louder than he is normally supposed to.

He will ask you to raise the volume of the TV or radio more than usual. In such cases, you need to ascertain whether the child is fond of listening to loud music or is unable to hear at low volumes.

The child fails to take notice of loud noises near him or does not answer when his name is called.

His academic performance or interaction with other kids his age is suffering. Since the kid is unable to follow the teacher due to hearing loss, his performance at school will suffer.


If your kid is suffering from hearing loss you need to get in touch with the doctor and explore all options. Hearing aids are among the most effective options. A hearing aid helps in amplifying the sound, which makes it easy for the child to communicate with other children or people. It improves the physical well being of the child and helps him in leading an active and normal life. However, the doctor will advise you about the right kind of hearing aid that your child requires.