International Nurses Day 2021

Let Us Salute Our Frontline Warriors This International Nurse's Day

International Nurses Day is a day to honour the contributions that our nurses make to society. It is celebrated on May 12 - Florence Nightingale's birth anniversary, all around the world to mark the contributions that nurses make to society.

The theme for the World Nurses Day 2021, chosen by The International Council of Nurses is Nurses: A Voice to Lead - A vision for future healthcare. The aim is to show the future of nursing and the role played by this profession in the transformation of the next stage of healthcare.

Every year on World Nurses Day, the International Council of Nurses is responsible for the preparation and distribution of kits for nurses. This kit consists of educational and public materials that can be used by nurses everywhere.


History of the World Nurses’ Day

Observed on the 12th of May of each year, International Nurses Day marks the birthday of Florence Nightingale- the world’s most popular nurse. This English nurse born in 1820 was known for her contribution in the Crimean war for tending to British allied wounded soldiers. Apart from that, she was also a statistician, a social reformer, and the founder of the key pillars of modern nursing. She was a versatile writer who had spread medical knowledge through her books that gave nursing, a noble reputation. She was a pioneer in establishing formal nurses training and in 1860, the Nightingale school of nursing was inaugurated in London. 


Significance of International Nurses Day

As the name suggests, this day is to appreciate the contribution and hard work of nurses towards society. Unlike any other year, World Nurses Day is of greater significance than ever this year, due to the contribution of the nurses during the coronavirus pandemic. They have risked their lives to take care of the million ailing patients globally and assumed the role of the hospital backbones. This day is a great day for everyone to salute these frontline warriors & express their gratitude to them.

As of 31 January 2021, 2710 nurses were martyred as per the International Council Nurses in the war against COVID- 19 in 59 countries, and as of 31 December 2020, over 1.6 million healthcare workers had been infected by COVID-19 across 34 countries. 


How does India celebrate International Nurses’ Day?

35 nursing professionals are felicitated by the President of India with the National Florence Nightingale Award on World Nurses Day. These awards were instituted in 1973 by the Health Ministry to mark the significant contribution of nurses and recognize them.


What can we do to express our gratitude?

For the past 2 years, the role played by nurses in fighting the pandemic has been unparalleled. What they as frontline workers have done for patients worldwide is commendable and no praise can ever be enough to appreciate their hard work and labour. This year, we must do our bit by taking all the precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the ever-increasing burden on them. Things we can do: 

1. Wear a double mask or N95 each time we step out or interact with anyone
2. Stay at home unless it is absolutely essential to get out
3. Maintain 6 feet distance from every person
4. Wash our hands regularly
5. Sanitize our hands and carry a sanitizer with us wherever we go
6. Donate plasma if eligible
7. Isolate if we show any COVID-19 symptoms and monitor our SPO2, pulse, and body temperature
8. Consult a doctor and take timely action and not self-medicate


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