How To Effectively Manage Diabetes At Home

We consume numerous food items in a day that are either nourish our body or harms it. However, they all contain certain glycemic or sugar levels commonly known as glycemic index ranging from zero to 100. The management and absorption of these foods is majorly handled by pancreas. Depending on the type of food, it produces insulin.


Diabetes is a condition where the ability to produce insulin by pancreas is either extinguished or reduced. The blood sugar level below 99 mg/dl is considered normal, 100- 125 mg/dl is pre diabetic and 126mg/dl or above is diabetic.


The goal for the people with pre diabetic conditions should be, not letting sugar levels increase above 126 mg/dl. Furthermore, diabetes can cause sugar to steadily build up in the blood which can lead to hardening of blood vessels causing further complications like heart attacks, kidney failure or strokes. Under the light of the current COVID-19, mucormycosis also known as black fungus is evidently shown to infect people with suffering from diabetes co-morbidity.


It is absolutely vital, to manage diabetes. Carelessness in the same can be fatal. Here are things you should definitely include in your regime against the fight with diabetes.


1. Diet

Include whole grains, fruits and vegetables in the diet. Try to check for glycaemic index and carbohydrate content in the food item. Replace refined sugar with sugar free tabs. Include green leafy vegetables in the diet. Avoid overeating, consume light meals. Avoid processed food.

2. Exercise

Pre diabetic levels can come down to normal blood sugar levels when proper diet and exercise is administered. Moderate levels of exercise like brisk walk, yoga asanas for 30 mins a day has evidently shown decrease in the sugar levels to optimum level.

3. Meals and Medications

Skipping your meals and medications can confuse your pancreas, the production of insulin can be seriously affected proving to be fatal.

4. Self-Monitoring

We tend to forget small tasks that take 10 - 30 seconds of our day, like taking medications, checking our blood sugar levels, etc.


Though they take barely 1 minute, these tasks when performed regularly can change our life for good. Hence, BeatO app (connect to BeatO page) and Smart Glucometer (connect to Glucometer page) device. It reminds you to check the sugar levels at regular interval, records the readings forms a pattern of the same.


When the readings are abnormal it informs your contacts as well health experts help you with customized diet and exercise plans for you.


India is world’s diabetes capital, it is time we take it ourselves and diabetes seriously by managing the condition with healthy changes, testing and medications.