Explaining the Pandemic Coronavirus to Kids

Kids tend to live in a world of magic and fairy tales. Things are real to them in a way that isn’t the same for older children or adults. However, as soon as your child comes up with questions or notices that things are changing, you will have to prepare yourselves to talk to them. The issue here is how differently you talk to a five-year-old and a fifteen-year-old.

The virus is a terrifying thing and certainly rules out telling your child about how the world is seemingly coming to an end. However, the best way to make children understand the virus and take necessary precautions, you have to first learn to be honest above everything. You may keep your answers short but you have to remember that they will be reading how you are feeling more than anything that you say.

Can children get COVID-19?

Even though it is still unclear whether children are actually less susceptible to the virus, reports suggest, when kids are infected, it is less likely for them to fall severely ill.

It is important for parents to keep their children informed about the deadly virus and the importance of social distancing.

Is the world coming to an end?
When faced with such a question, it is important for you to keep you calm as a parent and explain to your child the importance of maintaining hygiene and sanitation as a core element of our lives. Remember that children have a tendency to personalize situations. For instance, they may worry about their own safety along with the safety of immediate family members or friends and relatives who travel or live far away. In such cases, be assured, but do not make unrealistic promises. It is okay to let children know that they are absolutely safe in their homes, but you cannot promise that there will be no more cases of coronavirus in your state community.
You may then explain why alcohol-based sanitizers are a necessity rather than just another commodity and also inculcate in them a tendency to wash hands after every chore in order to do away with COVID-19

Why do we need masks and hand sanitizers?

Even though washing hands is a lot more effective than using sanitizers, both help prevents the spread of disease. As a parent, you should also explain to your child the importance of always having a convenient, on-the-go method of cleaning hands by using liquid hand sanitizers.

It is important for you to let your child feel their emotions

With almost every exciting thing coming to an abrupt end, children may feel a deep sense of disappointment about missing out on so many good and new things because of the coronavirus disease. So, in case your child acts strange, moody, or sad, it is important for you to let them be, instead of reprimanding your child for their behavior.

This is a lot more difficult for them to deal with considering the fact that we, as adults, measure it against our life and experiences, while they may feel frustrated because they struggle to get a grip around it. Children who still seem to be preoccupied with questions and concerns hovering around the coronavirus outbreak should be spoken and empathized with. They should also be educated about online medical stores like Smart Medical Buyer that provides medical supplies and equipment at the comfort of your homes.