Effect of Pandemic On The Kids

2020 has been tough on people, the economy, and our health. But, one section of the population has been adversely affected, the kids.

The pandemic has affected kids in numerous ways. Since every individual, every kid grew up and is surrounded by a different environment, it will be unfair to assume the mental processing of the pandemic will be the same. For some, it could be an onset of positive habits while for others, it could be an onset of mental or physical health concern. It is important to understand, every kid’s emotional and rational processing is strongly powered by the environment theory grew up in, and the personality of the child themselves before we discuss the possible effects of a pandemic on kids.


Given below are the plausible effects of a pandemic on kids:

1. Social Anxiety:

In schools and colleges kids develop emotional intelligence and social cognition. If these years of social development skills are snatched away, it can be difficult for the child to be comfortable around new people.

2. Physical Health Issues:

Pandemic has made it possible to get an education via video calls. However, the increased screen time can later cause optic concerns, migraine issues, and constant fatigue. Sedentary online lectures followed by bingeing online content whilst eating will cause shoulder pain, posture concerns, sleep problems as well as digestive issues.

3. Anthropophobia:

It’s been more than a year, we have been teaching kids that every other human can be a potential virus carrier and to maintain distance from them, which is the need of the hour. But, in the long run, it can be difficult for some kids to break this mental barrier and develop social connections with new people.

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To minimize the damage of a pandemic on kids, here are few things recommended.

1. Family Time & Me Time:

Spend quality time with kids as well as give them space to grow on their own. Let them be in touch with their friends via social media but at the same time manage their screen time.

2. Physical Healthcare:

It is important for you as well for the kids to do physical movements and to eat clean and healthy. Make sure, you introduce a healthy life schedule during the pandemic for yourself and your kids.  Reduction of screen time, exercise, meditation, and a healthy sleep cycle are highly recommended.

3. Mental Healthcare:

Lockdown can be frustrating, make sure you don’t express the frustrations and negative behavior in front of your kids. Avoid watching news channels that show negative headlines repeatedly, it will help you relax and keep a healthy environment in the house.

4. Learning:

There is no age for learning for something new, you can anytime from anyone. Teach your kids and learn from your kids. This will improve their social skills, aid in developing empathy, and will help in parent-child relations.

As said earlier, everyone will process the situation differently, do not burden them with anything. Be patient, observant, and open to learning with them in this whole new experience.

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