Digital Stethoscopes: The Future of Diagnostic Testing

For ages now, the ubiquitous stethoscope has been the primary tool of the medical community. Doctors and nurses use them for primary diagnosis. Popular Indian models such as the Microtone stethoscope and internationally acclaimed models such as the Littmann stethoscope offer great acoustics. Despite this, subtle sounds are often missed due to their low amplification and due to external noise. Digital stethoscopes or electronic stethoscopes come as the perfect fix for this shortcoming. They convert analogue sound waves picked up through the chest piece during routine examination and convert them into the digital format.

Digital stethoscopes come with several advantages over traditional stethoscopes. There is much that can be done in terms of advanced diagnostics. Electronic stethoscopes come with advanced noise cancellation and amplification of the body sounds. Digital stethoscopes are great for replaying and explaining the condition to the patient and to maintaining accurate health records.


Embracing the New Normal with Digital Stethoscopes

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all parts of the world and had a major impact on the medical industry. Targeting the lungs and affecting our ability to breathe properly, the novel virus has been hard to detect and challenging to work around to say the least. Digital stethoscopes are the perfect tool to assist doctors and medical practitioners during these times for early diagnosis and better treatment of all the patients. The sounds captured by digital stethoscopes can be saved up on mobile devices and can be filtered and processed before transmitting them.

The 3M Littmann Core Digital Stethoscope available on Smart Medical Buyer, features great acoustics and enhanced quality of a cardiology grade stethoscope manufactured with a powerful technology. The stethoscope can be connected to any smart device through the Eko software to visualise, track, record and share the data and the diagnosis. It allows for real time visualisation as well. Digital stethoscopes have 40x sound amplification in comparison to the traditional stethoscopes and offer excellent noise cancellation and astounding clarity. Making use of digital stethoscope not only enhances the convenience of use but also improves the diagnosis and allows for better judgement of the patient’s condition.


The 3M Littmann Core Digital Stethoscope can capture subtle respiratory and cardiovascular sounds, recording, storing, and transmitting them. Think of the digital Littmann stethoscope price as an investment into patient care.

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