Debunking Popular Myths About Surgical Prep

More often than not, Surgical Site Infections (SSI) develop due to bacterial or viral contamination on the patient’s skin. To curb such infections, research & development departments of leading pharmaceutical companies have come up with an elegant solution.  By simply reducing the number of microorganisms on the patient’s skin, the risk of SSIs can be restricted. The invention of the 3M micropore paper tape which keeps the extant bacteria and viruses at bay is one such initiative. A profession as significant as medicine is subject to a number of misconceptions simply due to incomprehension. These misconceptions, when heeded, can be bothersome for the patient before going under the scalpel. To ease the mind of such patients, we are here debunking myths about surgical prep, an extremely common yet critical component of surgical procedure. 

Surgical Preps stick throughout the Surgery The surgical site is subject to the occasional discharge of bodily fluids, irrigation, wiping, etc., which implies that the surgical prep tape can be removed at any time during the operation. Most preps are water-soluble as well for obvious reasons. For the same reason, durable and persistent tapes have been manufactured that stay on the patient’s skin for up to 2 days. Irrespective of the discharge of blood from the wound, these tapes stick and provide antimicrobial persistence. 

Only surgical preps are enough As effective prep tapes may be, they cannot possibly eliminate all the potentially dangerous bacteria. The hair follicles in the inner layers of the skin are host to groups of bacteria as well. Additional preventive measures that involve anti-microbial drapes can be involved in the process. While quite effective, surgical preps are not a comprehensive solution to SSI. 

A surgical prep is no longer required after Surgery Surgical preps, as it turns out, keep working against the bacteria for up to 24-96 hours post-surgery. The tapes are equipped with solutions that keep the ingredients intact throughout the complicated processes of the surgery involving saline water and blood. Many leading brands promise a guaranteed 48 hours of protection against infection. 

A single prep works for all types of surgeries The various types of tapes contain alcohol, CHG, iodine, or a combination of these. These compounds are suitable for different types of surgeries and must be chosen with consideration of the vitals of the patient. It is essential for you to initiate the procedures and industry standards to the staff so that they can follow the necessary criteria. In fact, the clinic staff should be well-versed so that they can buy digital thermometers online along with other necessary diagnostic and surgical tools.