A Comparative Evaluation of UV Disinfection Devices

In the wake of the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cleanliness and hygiene of not just ourselves but also items we use daily are of utmost importance. Surface contact has been found to be one of the commonest ways the virus spreads. While we can wash our hands in the recommended methods, our phones, wallets, and other objects cannot be disinfected in the same way. In a medical setting such as a hospital or a clinic, this can become a serious limitation to maintaining a sterile environment, which in turn can be life-threatening for patients and staff alike.

The use of ultraviolet, particularly those between 200 nm and 280 nm (known as UV-C rays), has been found extremely potent to deactivate the COVID-19 virus. UV disinfectants break down chemical bonds found in microorganisms. The DNA of pathogens is disrupted when exposed to UV-C light. This prevents their ability to reproduce, eventually leading to their death or inactivation. Currently, a variety of devices utilizing this germicidal property of ultraviolet rays are available for personal, home, and commercial use. Let us take a look at a few of them.


This is a handheld rod-like device which produces a focused beam of UV-C rays. The product claims to achieve 99.9% sterilization in under 60 seconds. It can be used on almost anything other than the human body, which can be adversely affected by the rays. As a safety feature, Germiscan shuts off automatically if the unit is turned by more than 30 degrees on either side or totally upside down. While this device is lightweight, it requires manual operations and therefore leaves room for human error. The individual operating the device may miss a surface or not focus the beam long enough.

Godrej UV Case 

This device takes the form of a box, lined with UV-C light panels. The case is equipped with automatic shut-off to prevent UV-C ray leakage. The sanitization cycles fall between 5-12 minutes, depending on the size of the object/s being sanitized. The case itself is fairly large and heavy, which does limit its application. In addition, once the door of the case is closed, there is no way to see inside.

Wipro Ultraray Cubix Ultraviolet Light Box

Cubix is also a box or case with UV-C panels inside. The lamps are thoughtfully placed to create a four-way exposure. This kind of setup ensures 360° disinfection up to 99.9%. Its electronics are specially designed for extended lamp life. On opening the door, the UV-C light is automatically cut off. The front opening door is made of toughened glass. The inner chamber is stainless steel, and the outer body is manufactured using powder-coated galvanized steel. Two variants of Cubix – 20 L and 43 L – are available at a discounted price on Smart Medical Buyer. Buyers can also use the limited period offer of getting INR 300 off on the 20 L and INR 500 off on the 43 L. Click here to know more: https://www.smartmedicalbuyer.com/pages/wipro-ultraray-cubix

The outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic has made it essential to disinfectant medical instruments and equipment, after every use. However, what we need to learn and take away from this new norm is to continue with the practice for the patient’s safety and a secure environment for the doctors to work in. Making use of UV disinfectants should be incorporated by doctors and hospitals on a daily basis. We need to ensure that all these life lessons are not forgotten with the passing of time!