5 Problems caused by Breast Pumps

Breastfeeding is an intimate time for the mother and the baby. A very special bond is built when the mother provides the key nutrients to the baby. Despite the special significance of the act, it is often difficult and cumbersome for new mothers. Therefore, it is essential to start pumping the milk so that it becomes more convenient and easier to feed the baby. Hence, it is a good idea to buy the best breast pump in India to make the lives of new mothers easier. Even though pumping offers some time off and makes the situation more convenient, it has its own drawbacks. Here are five problems that can arise during breast pumping, along with their solutions:

1. Blocked ducts

Many women experience blocked ducts during breast pumping. This happens when the milk that hasn’t been secreted completely from the breasts gets clogged and infected. It leads to soreness in the breasts and begins to pain. It can also cause fever and nausea. The reason behind this is that pumps aren’t the most efficient when it comes to extracting all the milk from the breasts. Solution: By applying warm towels to your breasts, the milk in the ducts can loosen. After that, the breast can be gently massaged while nursing or pumping to release the blockage.

2. Soreness and dryness

Due to the constant pressure on the nipples, new mothers may experience discomfort. Pumping regularly can also make the nipples dry, cracked and sore. Solution: The settings of the pump can be adjusted so that it’s at the lowest pressure, and it can slowly be increased. Nipple shields also work.

3. Exhaustion

Faced by almost all mothers who breast pump, exhaustion is bound to happen as milk needs to be pumped multiple times a day. Solution: With time, after 4-6 weeks, the pumping sessions decrease and it leads to less exhaustion. With time, it’ll become easier to set the pump according to your comfort.

4. Hand pain

When using a manual breast pump, one might experience pain. The motion needed to operate a hand pump can lead to muscle soreness and cramps. Solution: Make sure you’re in a comfortable position while pumping so that there are less fatigue and pain.

5. Finding the right place

It can often be an embarrassing thing to pump milk if in inappropriate places around sleazy people. It can lead to anxiety, awkwardness, and growing discomfort. Solution: Make sure your environment is comfortable for you. Do not get awkward and be confident and comfortable to make the process easier for yourself. You may browse through the best breast pumps in India along with enquiring about the CPAP machine cost at Smart Medical Buyer.