3 Medical Office Essentials During COVID19

With the world getting back on track after months of lockdown and a complete halt on life as we knew it, it has become all the more essential to keep in mind precautionary measures against coronavirus. As more and more people move out of their houses, the possibility of the virus spreading also increases. One of the biggest threat this poses is towards the medical fraternity. The Indian medical industry is already under immense pressure and the last thing it needs right now would be an increase in the spread of the deadly virus.

Physicians who are managing patients during the COVID-19 pandemic are constantly putting themselves at risk and facing challenges that have not been heard or seen before. Only with full protection for themselves, can doctors and the staff care for the other patients. Wearing a mask isn’t enough such a situation. There are a number of other tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) kits that act as a barrier between the medical staff and the patients.

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Let’s take a look at some of the essential equipment that need to be present at medical offices to minimise the risks involved and provide a safe space both for the staff and the patients.

Disposable stethoscopes

This is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of contact infections and cross contamination from one patient to another. These stethoscopes are disposed of after a single use, with no compromise on audio quality and diagnostic abilities. A must have in all clinics and hospitals as we battle this pandemic. It save a lot of time that one would have to otherwise invest in disinfecting stethoscopes between every patient visit.

No Contact Thermometers

One of the basics of diagnosis is measuring the temperature of all patients. It is critical to check for symptoms of CIVID-19 regardless of what all symptoms the individual is facing. Using a non-contact thermometer is a great way to ensure that no individual is touched in the process. This does away with the possibility of transfer of virus through bodily fluids through the process as is generally the case with mouth and ear thermometers.

Face Shield

A simple face mask is never enough to protect you from a pandemic such as the coronavirus. Coming in contact with patients on a regular basis is a high risk job that requires adequate protection. A face shield acts as the perfect barrier between you and the respiratory droplets of those infected. Always pair your shield with a face mask for full protection.

All of the above equipment are part of the essential kit that hospitals and medical institutions require to battle the pandemic and ensure protection of their staff. Use of hand sanitisers, face shields, PPE kits and face masks should become a norm and not be forgotten as we notice a lax in the government rules regarding lockdown. Your safety is in your hands and following these precautions is the only way to beat this novel virus.