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Bacillocid Extra Surface and Environment Disinfectant - 5 Litre

BACILLOCID EXTRA SURFACE AND ENVIRONMEENT DISINFECTANT (5 LITRES)   Bacillocid Extra Surface & Equipment Disinfectant is a modern cleaning and surface disinfectant...

Rs. 4,181.63Rs. 5,499.0024% off

Bacillocid Special Surface and Environment Disinfectant

BACILLOCID SPECIAL SURFACE & ENVIRONMENT DISINFECTANT Bacillocid Special is designed to clean and disinfect surfaces and environments KEY FEATURES - B...

Rs. 5,065.74Rs. 5,499.008% off

Bacillol 25 Surface and Equipment Disinfectant

BACILLOL 25 SURFACE & EQUIPEMENT DISINFECTANT   Bacillol 25 is the quick and right solution for instant disinfection of pharmaceutical equipment and- sensitive sur...

Rs. 230.99Rs. 315.0027% off
Rs. 230.99 Rs. 315.00 27% off

Bacillol 25 Surface and Equipment Disinfectant


Bacto Scrub Antiseptic Cleansing Solution - 500 ml

BACTO SCRUB ANTISEPTIC CLEANING SOLUTION (500 ml)   The Bacto Scrub is an a complete bactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal hands and body wash.     KEY FEATURES   ...

Rs. 302.38Rs. 540.0044% off

Raman & Weil Sterillium Hand Rub - 500 ml

RAMAN & WEIL STERILLIUM HAND RUB (500 ml)   Raman & Weil Sterillium Hand Rub is an internationally acclaimed, world renowned, most widely evaluated with more t...

Rs. 280.00Rs. 640.0056% off
Rs. 280.00 Rs. 640.00 57% off

Raman & Weil Sterillium Hand Rub - 500 ml