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Stryker is a global medical technology company headquartered at Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States. The company has a legacy of over 70 years and has a large and diversified product portfolio. This encompasses power tools (large, small & medium bone, cast cutting), orthopaedics systems (hip replacement, knee replacement, CAS, shoulder & elbow systems, sports medicine implants, bone substitutes), spine surgery, cranio maxillofacial, trauma, endoscopy, operation room equipment, neurosurgery, neurovascular interventions and patient handling equipment. Stryker products find applications in almost all healthcare establishments where surgeries are performed especially those where neuro, orthopaedic, trauma and minimally invasive procedures take place.

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Some of the leading and fast selling brands of Stryker are exclusively available on Smart Medical Buyer:
  • - InterPulse is a battery powered pulsed lavage irrigation system. This is used for wound & soft tissue debridement and for irrigation cleaning of surgical sites (chronic wounds, burns, trauma wounds). This is also used for cleaning of bones in total joint procedures (TKR, THR etc.).
  • - System 6 is a large bone power tool which has a two speed control which allows for a large range of cutting options.
  • - System 7 is a large bone power tool which has a quieter saw, longer battery life and higher torque in the rotary hand piece compared to previous generations of power tools.
  • - Sagittal Saw Blades which are compatible with Stryker Sagittal Saw Systems.
  • - The Simplex family (Simplex P and Antibiotic Simplex) is one of the most widely used bone cements across the world. These find application in implant fixation in joint replacement and trauma procedures.

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