Plastic/Vinyl Gloves

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What are Plastic/Vinyl/PVC Gloves?
Plastic or Vinyl Gloves are the cheapest among all gloves - Latex, Nitrile and Vinyl. Although they are not comparable with the other gloves in terms of durability and usability, they are popular because of their low cost. They are appropriate for a lot of situations where plastic gloves get the work done efficiently. Vinyl is a synthetic material made from Polyvinyl Chloride. Plasticizers are added to make the material more flexible. Vinyl is less elastic than Latex and Nitrile giving it a looser fit and comfortable feel. Disposable Vinyl Gloves are a good option for tasks where frequent change of gloves is required. A few characteristics of Vinyl Gloves are:

1. They are latex free
2. Have a loose fit
3. Have anti-static properties
4. Are suitable for use with non hazardous materials
5. Are very good for short durations

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Clear Vinyl Gloves, available on Smart Medical Buyer, are ideal for safety and hygiene. Dirt can easily be seen and a fresh pair can be put on. These gloves feature a smooth finish for enhanced sensitivity in the palm and finger tips. Apart from Vinyl Gloves, we have a lot of other types of gloves - Nitrile Examination Gloves, Latex Surgical Gloves, etc.