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Medi-Norm has a range of medical instruments and equipment which are required in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, cath labs, health care set ups, specialty clinics, biotechnology labs and veterinary clinics. They also manufacture healthcare products used in day to day life which improve and enhance the quality of life.

Medi-Norm’s product portfolio on Smart Medical Buyer includes –

1.Medi-Norm Non-Sterile Powdered Examination Gloves – These are ambidextrous non-sterile gloves which are available in the sizes extra small to large. Examination Gloves serve as a crucial barrier to prevent the transmission of communicable and transmissible diseases

2.Medi-Norm Paper Plastic Gloves – These gloves are individually packed in paper and are available in the sizes small, medium and large

3.Medi-Norm Underpads – These underpads are equipped with anti-bacterial agents, an absorbent fluff pad and super absorbent polybeads which convert the fluid into gel. The anti bacterial agents reduce bacterial growth and the absorbent fluff pad improves absorbency

4.Medi-Norm Disposable Skin Prep Razor – This razor has been designed for improved grip, precise finger control and open design for optimal view. The platinum coating on stainless steel shaves close while preventing irritation

5.Medi-Norm IV Cannula Fixator – This cannula fixator is non allergenic and is easy to use. It has a paper liner which facilitates easy removal

Medi-Norm also manufactures a wide products used in other fields of healthcare including nebulizers, adult diapers, digital thermometers, sterile surgical blades, urine drainage bags, air mattresses, water beds, pulse oximeters, elastic adhesive bandage, cotton crepe bandage, microporous paper tape, blood pressure monitor and ear thermometers.

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