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Ribbel Biopsy Punch

- The Ribbel Biopsy Punch is equipped with a safety cap for protection - It allows for single handed ejection of cap - The clear cap is provided for protection and vis...

Rs. 826.56Rs. 2,500.0067% off

Ribbel Biopsy Punch

Rs. 826.56Rs. 2,500.0067% off
Rs. 826.56 Rs. 2,500.00 67% off

Ribbel Biopsy Punch


Biopsy Products

Biopsy is a medical test where a small sample from a tissue is taken for examination. Commonly biopsied sites are prostate, gastrointestinal tract, bone marrow, lung, liver, muscles, lymph nodes, breast tissue and urogenital regions. Biopsy is commonly performed under local anaesthesia and hence the patient might only feel a slight stinging sensation on administration of the anaesthesia. Biopsy is a very useful procedure for early detection of various diseases and abnormalities and the early diagnosis can improve the prognosis.

Biopsy is indicated in the following conditions:

  1. To confirm clinical impression of a lesion
  2. To determine the nature of any abnormal cyst
  3. Any mole, lesion or growth showing the characteristics of malignancy 
  4. Ulceration, change in colour or pigmentation of a lesion
  5. Masses detected by palpation

Types of Biopsy Products

  1. Automatic Biopsy Needle
    Automatic Biopsy needles are equippied with safety switch that gets activated upon loading the gun

  1. Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle
    Bone marrow biopsy needles allow for intact bone marrow sampling.

  1. Bone Marrow Chiba Needle
    It is utilized for cytological aspiration and administration of local anesthesia.

  1. Manual Biopsy Needle
    This needle allows for percutaneous insertion and can be used with introducer coaxial needle.

  1. Semi Automatic Biopsy Gun
    It is utilized in obtaining biopsy from soft tissue such as liver,kidney,breast,prostate,lymph nodes and spleen.

  1. Biopsy Punch
    It is equipped with safety cap, stainless steel material and circular ground blade

Types of Biopsy 

  1. Incisional Biopsy
  2. Excisional Biopsy
  3. Exploratory Biopsy
  4. Punch Biopsy
  5. Needle Biopsy
  6. Cytological Smear
  7. Curettage Biopsy
  8. Unplanned Biopsy

A range of instruments are used to perform biopsy including forceps, needle holder, protection tube, cannula, aspiration needles, disposable biopsy punch, reusable biopsy punch etc. Biopsy needles may be automatic or manual. Biopsy guns are used to perform a quick, automatic and precise biopsy. Biopsy needles come with several features like reduction in pain during insertion, reduced tissue shear and clear markings. 

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