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Alpha Therapeutics (ATPL)

Alpha Therapeutics (ATPL) is an internationally recognised medical devices company based in Gujarat, India that focuses on creating innovations to deliver devices at affordable costs. ATPL is dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of medical disposables &equipment for hospital use in over 70 countries around the globe. The company is committed to extensive research and development for the innovation of performance oriented products to offer customers the best value.

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ATPL’s product portfolio includes pressure monitoring and extension lines, Y site and luer locks, abdominal drainage kits, scalp vein sets, bedpans, blood administration sets, micro infusion sets, intravenous cannulae, umbilical cord clamps, examination gloves, surgical gloves, oxygen masks with tubing, intravenous sets, dial flow regulators, Foley catheters, Yankauer suction catheters, drainage catheters, male external catheters, suction catheters, paediatric intravenous sets, Elaton catheters, urine bags, paediatric urine bags, urine pots, urethral catheters, urine culture bottles, infant mucous extractors, infant-feeding tubes, airways, nebuliser cup and mask sets, lung exercisers and Ryles tubes. Smart Medical Buyer has a direct tie up with Alpha Therapeutics and serves as an online distribution partner and can ship ATPL products to all locations within India. Some of the products by this manufacturing company may also be eligible for next-day despatch due to their high demand. ATPL products are available for purchase at great discounted prices to registered medical practitioners and health-care establishments for both small and large quantity orders.

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An extensive range of products from the fastest-selling brands that fall under the umbrella of Alpha Theraputics are available at attractive prices on SMB. Customers may view the comprehensive brand catalogue for ATPL products on the SMB website. Due to our direct association with ATPL, our customers can be assured of the superior quality of product at every purchase.