Philips Ultraviolet UV-C Disinfection Desk Lamp

Delivery Lead Time: 10-15 Days Protects Against Micro-organism Growth 1 Year Warranty Suitable for Home & Medical Use

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The Philips Ultraviolet UV-C Disinfection Desk Lamp is a sanitization equipment used to disinfect surfaces and objects in rooms in an effective and easy way in a matter of minutes.





- Proven Technology: UV-C technology proven to disinfect 99.9% Sars CoV2 as per Boston Research

Built-In Motion Sensor: Detects movement from humans and animals, immediately turning off the light which in turn has no exposure to harmful UV-C radiation, which can cause harm to eyes/ skin thus making it safe for human use. Helps your family and me in safe disinfection with no health hazards

- Easily Portable: Easily portable due to light weight and compact size

- Easy To Use: Step-by-step voice guidance and a clear control panel with time safeguard of 45, 30 and 15 minutes

- Motion Sensor: Built-in motion sensor detects movement from humans and animals, immediately turning off the light

- Maintenance Free: The UV-C Disinfection Lamp is disinfecting so minor dry cloth cleaning is all that is required

- Dedicated Design: High quality of the Philips UV-C tube & the dedicated driver design helps maximize the disinfection effectiveness

- Easy To Control: Long power cable allows perfect placement in the middle of the room

- Warranty: 1 year warranty on product





Disinfects Homes from Germs in an Effective & Easy Way: Deactivates viruses, bacteria, moulds and spores, in a matter of minutes and protects you from getting infected from germs, viruses etc

Simple To Use: The clear control panel and voice guidance ensures optimum output of UV-C throughout the lifetime of the lamp and can rely on the product for all your disinfection needs without worrying about the quality

Preset Time: 15 mins to 45 mins is the faster way to disinfect than the alternate methods. It is a convenient and time saving disinfection system

- Defeats Microorganisms: Proven effective against viruses, bacteria, molds and spores

- Protects Against Microorganism Growth: Disinfected product remains fresher for a longer time

- Reliable Disinfection: Disinfection effect is directly related to UV-C dose (intensity and exposure time of microorganisms)

- Easy & Cost-Effective: UV-C installations are easy to operate and maintain





- Living Room

- Bedroom

- Washroom

- Kitchen





Living Room (28 sq meters with 3 meters range): 45 Minutes

- Bedroom (20 sq meters with 2.5 meters range): 30 Minutes

- Personal Washroom (13 sq meters with 2 meters range): 15 Minutes





- Place the lamp in the middle of the room, on the floor or table

-Plug it in an electrical socket. The device will be in lock mode and 3 LED indicators will light up one by one

- A voice guide will help you with the instructions

- Press the power button for at least 3 seconds to unlock the device

- The 30-min LED indicator will light up as default but you can press the timer button to choose other timer options

- Press the power button again for the product to start the routine. Leave the room and close the door





- Dimensions: 12 cms X 12 cms X 24.7 cms

- Voltage: 220-240 V

- Wattage: 24 W

- Net Weight: 0.8 kg

Delivery Lead Time: 10 to 15 Days


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