ATOmization / with ventilator

93+-3% Oxygen Density

real time detection, timing

5 Litre Capacity


The product is expected between the 12th & 13th of May 2021

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We offer delivery services PAN India. However keeping in mind the Covid-19 situation, the pincode service availability and delivery time may vary at the time of dispatch.

Only one person/patient can use the machine at a time.

Price of the product is ₹72,800/-

Paying of the deposit does not the guarantee the purchase however, the product is reserved in our inventory for you. Prior to dispatch, we will share a payment link with you to pay and confirm you order with us.

This Oxygen Concentrator is a 5 Liter machine with an oxygen concentration flow of 0.5-5L/min; 93% ( +- 3%)

The oxygen concentrator machine filters oxygen from the atmosphere and helps individuals access it through a mask or cannula. The atmospheric air consists of 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen and then other gases. The machine works by absorbing air from the surroundings and filtering out nitrogen and other gases. The absorbed oxygen can then be used by the patient through a mask or cannula. This is the best solution for oxygen supply at home.

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