donor registration

Any individual who wishes to take a pledge for donating their eyes can do so by following these simple steps :

Step 1: Find a Pledge form
You can either call your nearest Hospital / Eye Bank or Fill a pledge form using the link below

Step 2: Fill in all your details and submit it online or to your nearest eye bank or hospital.

Step 3: After registration, you will receive your e-donor card with a unique Government registration number, an e-certificate, and an informational pamphlet, on the provided email address within 2 weeks. You may take a printout of the same if you wish.

Step 4: The donor should keep their donor card in their wallet or any place that is accessible after the donor’s demise.

Step 5: After the donor’s demise, the family should contact the nearest eye bank. The eyes must be donated and harvested within 6-8 hours of the donor’s demise.