BD Venflon™ Pro IV Cannula with Injection Port

with BD Vialon™ Biomaterial

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The Pro Cannula Edge

Reduced Pain
BD Vialon Catheters shown to have a superior tip integrity, resulting in less painful tissue trauma on insertion.
Lower Costs
BD Vialon can permit longer cannulation with reduced catheter re-sitting.
Reduction in Phlebitis
Catheter material has softening capabilities that are clinically proven to reduce thrombophlebitis.


The unique BD Vialon™ catheter biomaterial provides smooth insertion characteristics when using BD Venflon™ Pro.
The unique polymer in Vialon™ causes the catheter to soften by up to 70% once in the vein allowing the catheter to follow the path of the vein.

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Features and placement of the BD Venflon Pro IV Catheter
Becton Dickinson BD Venflon Pro IV Cannula with Injection Port

Size Options: 14/16/18/20/22G
Box of 50

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Rs. 8,000.00

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