SMB Affiliate Programme

Join the SMB Affiliate Programme

Terms & conditions for the affiliate program -
  1. An affiliates work is to promote SMB into his reference circles and help people place orders on the website.
  2. Tracking for the sale made by an affiliate will be done by coupon code and UTM links
  3. Commission for the affiliate program is fixed at 5% of the amount paid by the customer
  4. The order report for the last month will be shared with the affiliate in the first week of next month
  5. Commission will be paid only for the orders that are delivered successfully and the return period has lapsed
  6. Company reserve the right to cut pay from the next payout of the affiliate if in case the orders for which commission has already been paid has been return in exceptional circumstances
  7. An affiliate can not cancel an existing order from an organic customer and place again with his coupon code, such practices will attract penalty and legal actions.
  8. An affiliate can not bid against SMB related keywords and use google ads as a marketing channel
  9. An affiliate can use all ethical marketing channels that does not directly interfere with SMBs marketing activities.
  10. The company reserve the right to do retention, retarget marketing on customers brought on by the affiliates.