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Venturi Mask online for medical use:
Venturi Masks and their use in Oxygen Therapy A Venturi mask is a medical device which is used to deliver a precise calibration of oxygen to a patient in a controlled manner over a definite time period. It is used as a part of oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy is an intervention that entails the supply of extra or supplemental oxygen to the body when the lungs are not able to perform their normal functions. This may happen as a result of both chronic and acute conditions. Chronic conditions include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchitis and emphysema (progressive long term lung disease that causes shortness of breath and is most commonly caused by smoking). Acute conditions include severe trauma, hypothermia, haemorrhage and resuscitation. During oxygen therapy, the administration of a high concentration of oxygen can cause severe damage to the lungs and thus the need for precise and controlled delivery of oxygen. The credit for the invention of the venture mask goes to Dr Edward Moran Campbell of Canada.

How does a Venturi Mask work?
Venturi masks are high flow devices which are used to ensure a certain minimum inhalation of oxygen through high tidal volumes. The FiO2 (fraction of inspired oxygen – percentage of oxygen in the volume under consideration) can be specified in the usage of venture masks. A venturi mask kit contains different connectors or jets which are colour coded and which denote the different percentages of oxygen in the flow to be administered. The mask has holes of each sides of the face which are meant for the exhaled air to escape. The colour coded connectors are located at the base of the mask. Venturi masks have oxygen concentration payloads from 24% to 60% and flow rates can vary from 4 litres per minute to 12 litres per minute.

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How to choose best Venturi Masks online?
Venturi Masks are not available in different types as they are themselves the most preferred type of Oxygen delivery devices. However, consumers can make sure of the quality of the Venturi mask being bought. The brand as well as the quality of packaging and other details should be considered in the check. This helps in choosing the best available masks only.

Venturi mask accessories available
There are several Venturi mask accessories available online as well as in medical stores. These include the tubing, diluters, hood, etc. Such accessories usually come as a part of the Venturi mask kit when bought from Smart Medical Buyer. A wide range of respiratory supplies are also available on our platform. Consumers can get Venturi mask and kits in individual or bulk order at highly affordable rates.