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Torrel is a member of the Torrent Group and is a trusted brand for pharmaceutical formulations for the past five decades. Torrel exports its products to countries worldwide and also is a major supplier of pharmaceutical formulations to a number of hospitals all over India and across the world. Torrel Products are manufactured keeping in mind international standards of quality, occupational health and safety standards. It is a research driven company which aims to provide products of superior quality for an affordable price. Torrel is knouwn for its superior quality disinfection, sterilization and anesthetic products.

Torrel manufactures products that can be broadly categorized into the following categories:

1.Hand and body hygiene – These products are manufactured for hand and body hygiene. These products provide disinfection, protection, cleansing, care and moisturization

2.Skin Antisepsis – These products are used to disinfect skin to prevent the transmission of microbial infections

3.Linen Disinfectants – Linen in healthcare set ups gets contaminated with mucous, blood, feces, urine, bacteria and viruses. These products make sure the linen is free of any infectious material so that disease is not transmitted from one patient to the next or the healthcare provider staff

4.Instruments and Equipment Disinfectants - Instruments and pieces of equipment can get contaminated in health care set ups and pose a serious hazard to the patients as well as healthcare staff. Contaminated equipment and instruments not only increase the risk of spreading of contagious diseases but also act as a breeding ground for a plethora of germs. These products play a major role in reducing the chances of infections

5.Surface and Environmental Disinfectants – These surface disinfectants are manufactured to have least toxicity, low use concentration and high convenience of use. It’s important to disinfect surfaces to avoid the proliferation of germs and hence transmission of diseases

6.Antiseptics for burns and wounds – These products aim to reduce wound infection susceptibility and extent of microbial colonization

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