Specialty Bandages

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Specialty Bandages

A bandage is a medically used material used for various purposes like providing support, restricting movement, reducing swelling, mitigating blood loss, prevention from contamination, pain relief etc. Bandages with different specifications may have different indications. Smart Medical Buyer’s product portfolio for specialty bandages includes the following:

1. 3M Cavilion No Cling Barrier Film – This forms a fast drying, breathable, alcohol free and non sticky barrier film on the skin. Its use is indicated for prevention of incontinence associated dermatitis, peri-tube skin protection, peri-wound skin protection, protection from moisture and friction, adhesive related skin injury protection etc.

2. Dr Sabharwal’s Diclofenac Patch – This patch can treat the pain that is caused by minor sprains and strains

3. Dr Sabharwal’s K Patch – This surgical dressing can be used to treat chronic and acute muscular pain

4. Dr Sabharwal’s Polyureathane Bandage (PU) – This bandage consists of a polyester based fabric coated with water curable polyurethane and is x-ray transparent

5. Smith and Nephew Cica Care Gel adhesive sheet - It is a self adhesive silicone sheet meant for the treatment of scarring. The Cica-Care bandage is designed to soften, flatten and fade red, dark or raised scars

6. Datt Velfour Venous Ulcer Bandaging System – This is a four layered bandaging system and is indicated for use in treatments of conditions like edema and venous ulcers. It provides compression therapy and has the capability to absorb exudates

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