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Sorgen is a renowned name when it comes about compression stockings. Sorgen is a fifteen-year-old Indian company having their base in Mumbai. It is the Fastest growing company in India for stockings and support socks. Sorgen is the largest manufacturer and exporter of compression stockings in India.

Sorgen focuses on the goal to achieve affordability and high quality of products. The company focuses on State of art manufacturing facility, systematic manufacturing, 3-D computer designing, high operational facilities and building a team of committed professionals. They are research driven and Sorgen products are in alignment with global trends.

Sorgen's production facility is housed in numerous units for each manufacturing process, In house designing and product development sections, Automates for fabric cutting and pasting operations, efficient painting plant, A stitching and tailoring unit, An 8 phase anodizing unit, a Packaging department ,Assembly line, and Quality assurance deptartment.

Sorgen products go through a multiple stages of quality check process which ensures superior quality. Sorgen has been known for its high quality products, modern management techniques, superior ergonomic design, superior products, affordable prices, product certifications and customer satisfaction.


Sorgen's product portfolio includes -

Compression Stockings - Compression stockings that are useful in improvement of conditions like varicose veins, moderate oedema, after sclerosis and surgery for varicose veins, after deep vein thrombosis, in cases of insufficiency (weakness) of the valves in the deep veins etc.

Travel Support Socks - These are used to get relief from pain and swelling in legs etc. These socks prevent flight related DVT and effectively squeezes blood upwards in the legs. These socks helps the flow of the blood back to the heart and reduces congestion.

Everyday Support Socks - Sorgen everyday support socks are used for swollen ankles and helps in improving blood circulation. These socks help you in getting rid of tired and aching legs.

Maternity Support Socks - These maternity support socks from Sorgen are meant to reduce pregnancy related venous insufficiency.

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