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Solomon Biopharma

Solomon Biopharma is a company involved in the production and marketing of healthcare equipments, lifestyle products, food supplements, herbal medicines, and health insurance services.

Their products and services can be classified under various divisions –


This division includes products useful for diabetes management. Many new products are also being innovated in this division. The Solomon Diabetic Control Socks keep the feet safe and healthy by reducing pressure. These socks also prevent bacterial and fungal infections while ensuring wounds heal faster.


This division includes products useful for monitoring as well as diagnostic purposes. It includes thermometers, BP monitors, Ear Cleaners and Nasal Aspirators. The Solomon Infrared Ear Mode thermometer and Solomon BP monitors are clinically reliable. The Solomon Eezy Clean Wax Cleaner is safe and convenient and helps maintain ear hygiene and reduces the occurrence of wax buildup related complications in the ear. The Solomon Nasal Aspirator is light weight and easy to operate while being safe for even pediatric patients.


This division includes products which can be used in everyday life which improve sleep and quality of life such as sleep well band, 4D mattress, Snore Off Band, in spine cushions and bone magic 206 insoles.


This includes various products which can add a nutritive and therapeutic benefit when consumed. It includes Aloe vera juice, Giloy juice, Amla Juice and Triphala juice.

5.Pest control

this includes devices which reduce the number of pests and thereby reduce diseases associated to them. It includes traps such as M trap, M trap Mini and M trap junior.

6.Hospital Equipments

These equipments are regularly used in hospitals and healthcare set ups. This division includes products such as I Prum, Laser Nasal Rhinitis, and Solomon Quantum Analyzer.

7.Hospital Furniture

This division includes furniture that is required by hospitals. It includes Solomon Patient Lateral Transfer slide which helps to transfer hospital patients from hospital beds to x-ray tables, ambulance stretchers, surgery tables etc.

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