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Relisys Medical Devices

Relisys Medical Devices manufactures medical devices conforming to international standards by ensuring stringent quality controls. Relisys Medical Devices manufactures products under the following categories:

1.Bare Metal Stent System

This category of products includes Cobal-C, Cobal CE, and Legend – V

•Cobal-C – This Cobalt Chromium Coronary stent system is known for less strut thickness, less percentage of stenosis, lower profile high flexibility, and complete endotheliazation

•Cobal CE – Cobal CE bare metal stent system is known for lower profile high flexibility, less strut thickness, less percentage of stenosis, and complete endotheliazation

•Legend- V – This stainless steel coronary stent system is known for novel stent geometry, unique crimping technique for high stent dislodgement force and greater trackability as well as pushability

2.Drug Eluting Stent System

This category includes two different drug eluting stents –

•Release-R Sirolimus eluting stents - These stents have strut locking mechanism and unique design. They present minimum recoil while offering excellent radial strength

•Release-T Paclitaxel eluting stents – These stents are made up of a completely biodegradable material and have a moderate release formulation. They are highly flexible and inhibit in-stent restenosis and have a low entry profile

3.PTCA Balloon Catheter

This includes the VEDA and VEDA +R Catheters

•VEDA – This is a double lumen coronary catheter with a soft tapered tip to facilitate advancement of catheter through stenosis. It is used as a SDS (Stent Delivery System)

•VEDA +R - This is a double lumen coronary catheter. The two marker bands indicate the working length of balloon and also facilitate the positioning under X-ray fluoroscopy. This catheter has a soft tapered tip to facilitate advancement of the catheter through stenosis

4.Angiographic Catheter

These Angiographic Catheters are of two types – Ananth and Amruth

•Ananth (Radial) - These angiographic catheters are available in four different curve shapes and have outstanding curve shape retention. The material used for manufacturing these catheters is PEBAX based and these catheters have excellent radio-opaque traceability

•Amruth (Femoral) – This catheter is manufactured using a polyurethane based material and has great kink resistance, radio-opaque traceability, curve shape retention and is available in four curve shapes

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