Nellcor Sensors

Sorry, there are no products in this collection

Sorry, there are no products in this collection

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Nellcor has been trusted for over 30 years for its performance in pulse oximetry. Pulse oximetry is a non invasive procedure to monitor oxygen saturation in blood.

Smart Medical Buyer’s product portfolio for Nellcor Sensors include -

  1. Nellcor Oxi Band Short Re-usable SpO2 Sensors
    – These sensors are available with single patient use adhesive and a re-usable cable. They are equipped with oximax technology.
  1. Nellcor Oxisensor II Digit Adhesive Sensors
    – These sensors are equipped with Oximax technology with a calibration curve in the sensor. This allows the clinicians to take advantage of new sensor design without upgrading the monitor. These sensors provide great accuracy even In low saturation duration.
  1. Nellcor Re-usable Dura-Y SpO2 Sensor
    – This sensor consists of two different parts and is equipped with Oximax technology. This device comes along a reusable cable as well as a sterile single use bandage. Visible alignment marks allow easy application.
  1. Nellcor Re-usable Durasensor or Digit Sensor
    – This sensor has been designed to monitor the patient’s perfusion and pulse. The reusable sensor can be used both for spot checks and short term monitoring. The suggested site of application is the index finger.
  1. Nellcor Re-usable Sensor Connection Cable
    – This is a reusable sensor that is only compatible with monitors having Oximax technology. The length of the cable is 3 meters while the diameter is 4mm.
  1. Nellcore Softcare SpO2 Non Adhesive Sensors
    – These sensors are made up of a soft, flexible and low profile foam material. Non-adhesive sensors are best for people having special skin needs. Pre-term infant and neonatal are the two sizes available.

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