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Saarthi Smart Assistive Devices

Saarthi device is an innovative product which assist the visually impaired to navigate their way without any difficulty. Its distribution and marketing is being done by Mintvest Company. The assistive product can be purchased from Smart Medical Buyer, a portal dealing in medical supplies and equipment, at affordable rates.

A healthy vision is a cherished gift and enables a person to lead an active lifestyle. However, there are millions of people around the world who are suffering from vision impairment and are unable to perform daily tasks on their own. Unfortunately, vision impairment, which means partial or total blindness, cannot be corrected by wearing glasses. Though there are certain aids like walking sticks that help people to navigate their way, but these are not flawless. Even with their aid the body is still exposed to injuries and accidents. However, all is not lost for visually impaired people as there are many medical equipment that help people lead a normal life. Among these is Saarthi Smart Assistive Device which helps people with visual impairments travel with confidence. It is a smart assistive device which can be mounted on white cane that informs the user of obstacles using real time haptic feedback.

Saarthi Smart Assistive Device available on Smart Medical Buyer

Saarthi Smart Assistive Device has enabled thousands of people to live life to the fullest. The ergonomically designed device provides 99.7% Obstacle Detection Accuracy. The person can use it as a standalone device or attach it to the cane, the Saarthi Smart Assistive Device will help them effortlessly navigate through their homes or outside on the street. The obstacle detection can range from 2 feet in rooms to 4 feet in lobbies and 8 feet in streets. The product is shock and water resistant and has an 8 day battery backup.

With a minimal learning curve, it reduces 90% of accidents to the body (i.e. the chest, arms and head). It is also an excellent aid for those in the process of losing their sight, as it is very discreet to use and eliminates the stress of sticking out and social stigma. In case your loved one is suffering from visual impairment, bring a Saarthi Smart Assistive Device today and see a positive change in their life.