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Medtronic Covidien Renal Care Solutions

Medtronic Covidien Renal Care Solutions’ products are designed for the dialysis procedure. The portfolio consists of three types of catheters: acute hemodialysis catheters, chronic hemodialysis catheters and peritoneal dialysis catheters.

•Acute Hemodialysis Catheters

These catheters provide ease of insertion, patient comfort and optimal flow rates. Acute hemodialysis catheters are used for hemodialysis, apheresis, renal replacement therapy, infusion, high pressure contrast injection and central venous pressure monitoring.

•Chronic Hemodialysis Catheters

These catheters are required when a patient requires long term dialysis therapy. The product portfolio for Medtronic Covidien chronic hemodialysis catheters consist of various types of catheters.

i)Palindrome Symmetric Tip Dialysis Catheter – These catheters have a symmetric tip and laser cut side slots. The use of these catheters minimizes the risk of positional occlusion, clot formation and recirculation.

ii)Palindrome H-Heparin Coated Catheter – These heparin coated catheters inhibit fibrin sheath propagation and reduce clot formation.

iii)Palindrome SI silver ion Antimicrobial Catheter – These catheters consist of a silver ion sheath which reduces microbial colonization.

iv)Palindrome HSI Heparin coated and silver ion microbial catheter – These catheters consist of both heparin and silver ion coating making them antibacterial while reducing the likelihood of clot formation.

v)Palindrome RT Reverse Tunneled Catheter – These catheters allow precise placement of tip and tunnel trajectory due to the retrograde tunnel technique.

vi)Mahurkar Chronic Carbothane Catheter – These catheters are reliable as they consistently deliver high flow rates with low venous pressure and arterial pressure.

vii)Mahurkar Chronic Silicone Catheter – These catheters minimize the size of catheter insertion site while providing consistent flow rate. These catheters provide long term access for infusion, apheresis and hemodialysis.

viii)Percath Chronic Silicone Oval Cathter – These catheters function as bridge devices during fistula maturation and as long term vascular access for apheresis, infusion and hemodialysis.

ix)Tandem-Cath Chronic Dual Catheter System - These catheters have dual catheter system which makes it ideal for patients with small, compromised and limited vasculature in several veins.

x)Argyle Chronic Dialysis Accessories – These accessories facilitate the proper insertion and management of catheters.

•Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter

These catheters are used in peritoneal dialysis. The product portfolio for this category includes Argyle Swan Neck Presternal Peritoneal catheter, Argyle Swan Neck Curl Catheter, Argyle Swan Neck Missouri Catheter, Argyle Swan Neck Tenchoff Peritoneal Catheter, Argyle Swan neck Oreopoulos- Zellerman Catheter, Argyle Monocrief Popovich Swan Neck Curl Catheter and Argyle Oreopoulus Zellerman Tenckhoff Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter.

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