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Medi Karma

Medi Karma has been manufacturing surgical gowns, surgical drape packs, and medical clothing since 1993. It is a unit of Kansons Overseas Limited that ensures consistent quality products due to its five-step inspection process. Medi Karma products meet global standards due to their high protection against fluid and microbes, low shrinkage rate, tear and puncture resistance, breathable material and absorbency.

The product portfolio for Medi Karma includes personal protection equipment under the following categories


These personal protection equipment is used in cardiology procedures and includes angiography drapes, angioplasty drapes and CABG/CTVS Drape.


These drapes are used in orthopedic procedures and include Knee O Drape, Hip or Leg U drape, Hip O Pear drape with side pockets, and Arthoscopy drapes.

•Obstetrics and Gynecology

These drapes are utilized during obstetric and gynecological procedures. These include Caesarean Drape, Caesarean Drape with Fluid Collection pouch, and Under Buttocks drape with fluid collection pouch.

•Urology Drapes

These drapes are commonly used during urology procedures and include TURP drape and PCNL drape.

•Ophthalmology Drape

These drapes are utilized for personal protection during ophthalmic procedures and includes Eye Drape and Eye Drape with pouch.

•General Surgery

These drapes are used during general surgical procedures and include various sized drapes, surgical packs and fenestrated sheets.


Craniotomy Drape and Laminospinal drapes are commonly used drapes during neurological procedures.

•Other Equipments

Medi Karma also manufactures products like Surgical Gowns, Towels, trolley covers, table covers, HIV kits, First Aid bag, First aid pouch, and insulated pathology transport bag.

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