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Medela is a company dedicated to make breastfeeding easier for mothers and infants since the past 50 years. Medela was founded in Switzerland in the year 1961 and presently has products distributed across 100 countries around the world. Medela products are innovated and improved only after intensive research and communicating with healthcare professionals and consumers. Medela's product portfolio includes Breast Pumps, Accessories, Authentic Spare Parts, Breast Care products, Cleaning products, Neonatal, Feeding and Storage products. Buying breast pump online is a convenient experience with Smart Medical Buyer. While buying a breast pump online from SMB you don't have to worry about the quality of the product. Buying a breast pump online from SMB also ensures a convenient shopping experience from the comfort of your home.

Breast Pump

Breast pump is a device used by lactating women to mechanically extract and store breast milk. Most breast pumps work on the principle of a baby's natural sucking rhythm . Breast pumps have a collection of pumped breast milk allowing for storage of breast milk to feed the baby even when the mother is not around the baby. By Buying a breast pump online you can compare the specifications of various breast pump online and choose the best breast pump online for your need. SMB has tie ups with the manufacturer resulting in best price for breast pump online in India. While buying breast pump online from SMB you get doorstep delivery. Superior Sourcing of products ensures you get the best quality while buying breast pump online with us.

Breast pumps are of two types-

1. Manual Breast Pumps

These breast pumps are small and cost-effective. User has to repeatedly pull or squeeze a handle to generate suction. They allow for one breast to be pumped at a time and are useful for infrequent use. Manual breast pump online is available on smart medical buyer. While buying a manual breast pump online from SMB, you can rest assured about the quality. Additionally, SMB also provides doorstep delivery when you shop for a manual breast pump online. By buying a manual breast pump online, you save time while getting the best price.

2. Electric Breast Pumps

These breast pumps are further divided into two categories - hospital grade electric breast pump and personal use breast pump. You can buy this breast pump online from us. You can compare manual breast pump online with electric to choose.

Storage and Feeding Products

These products allow for safe storage of the pumped breast milk like Breast Milk Storage Bags, Supplemental Nursing System, Breast Milk Bottles, Colostrum containers, Special Needs Feeder, and membranes.

Breast Care Products

These products help alleviate symptoms related to postpartum skin changes and breastfeeding like Tender Care Lanolin, Nipple Shields, Contact Nipple Shields, Disposable Nursing Pads, Washable Nursing Pads, Foam Inserts, Softshells, Hydrogel pads and Accessory Starter set.

Neonatal Products

This includes products like waterless milk warmer, Guardian Warmer, Enteral Feeding Pump, Syringes and Extension sets.


These products include Breast Pump Kits, Baby weigh scale, soaps and wipes, tubing, adaptors, diaphragm kits, breast shields, breast milk cooler, nursing bras and tank tops, spare membranes and spare part kits.

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