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Ivoclar Vivadent

Ivoclar Vivadent is a global company that offers comprehensive range of innovative products and systems since 1923. Ivoclar Vivadent innovates clinically tested products that add value to dentistry treatments. Their product portfolio includes adhesives, alloys, all ceramics, Metal Ceramics, Impression materials, Luting materials, restorative materials, temporary materials, equipment and preventive care products.

Ivoclar Vivadent offers products to dentists and dental technicians in three main areas –

1.Direct Restoratives – The products in the direct restorative category are useful in dental procedures to prepare, bond, fill, cure, finish and maintain.

•Prepare – These products are involved in the preparation to enable a successful treatment. It includes products like retraction devices and rubber dams.

•Bond – These products are adhesives, bonding agents, and etching gels.

•Fill – These products are used for fillings and includes composites, amalgams, relining material and filling material.

•Cure – These equipments are used for the curing procedure.

•Finish – These products include polisher for composites and finishing and polishing sets.

•Maintain – The product portfolio for the maintain category includes protective varnish, oral care gels, antibacterial mouth rinse, prophy pastes, pediatric dental solutions, CRT buffer, Viva sens, CRT bacteria, Plaque Test, Fissure sealants and Ortho Care products.

2.Fixed Prosthetics – This product category includes products that are used in the fabrication of of fixed prosthetics and restoration care. The fixed prosthetics range by Ivoclar Vivadent includes products in three subcategories -

•Fixed Prosthetics (Lab side)

•Fixed Prosthetics (Chair side)

•Fixed Prosthetics (Metal Supported)

3.Removable Prosthetics - These products are used in the fabrication of removable dentures, treatment planning and aftercare. These products are divided in the following categories –

•Prepare – The products in the prepare category include impression taking products and vinyl impression taking materials.

•Register – This include pre fabricated ceramic trays for impressions, UTS 3D transferors, and intraoral registration devices.

•Set up – This includes average value articulators, semi-adjustable articulators, and fully adjustable articulators.

•Process – This includes Expressive esthetic denture teeth, anterior and posterior teeth etc In various shades.

•Finish – This includes injection systems, heat curing denture base material, self curing dental base material etc.

•Maintain – The product portfolio for maintain category includes implant care products, prophy pastes, protective varnish, oral care gels, and antibacterial mouth rinse.

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