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Harsoria Healthcare

Harsoria Healthcare was founded in August, 2002 and currently operates through its registered office in New Delhi and a factory which is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. Harsoria products are engineered through decades of cumulative experience to achieve the highest possible standards of reliability at the most economical cost. Harsoria offers world-class healthcare products that are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and that conform to international standards. The finished products at Harsoria have to follow a routine of physical, biological and chemical tests before they are allowed to be dispatched to the market and the consumer. Harsoria also has an in-house research and development team to constantly improve and optimize their production and the quality of products and processes.

Harsoria Healthcare manufactures a range of medical devices and instruments which used in health Care set ups, hospitals, nursing homes, pathology labs and specialty clinics. These products are used in emergency services, surgery, administration of medicine, blood transfusions, dialysis etc. Harsoria Healthcare is known for manufacturing good quality medical devices and instruments. Harsoria Healthcare’s product portfolio includes:

1.IV cannulas
2.3 way stop cocks
3.AV fistula needles
4.Extension tubes
5.Flow regulators
6.Connectors and stoppers
7.Infusion sets
8.Transfusion sets
9.Safety IV cannulas
10.Hemodialysis catheters
11.Central venous catheters

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