Gutta Percha (GP) Points

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Gutta Percha is obtained from Polyisoprene and is present in two isomeric forms. Gutta Percha points are commonly used in dental procedures primarily as a root filling substance. Gutta Percha is highly biocompatible, is easy to manipulate for dental procedures, provide dimensional stability, and has properties such as ductility and malleability without eliciting allergic tissue reaction. Gutta Percha is the material for choice for root canal procedures and obturation. The thermo plasticity of the material allows it to seal the root effectively.

Gutta Percha that are uniformly hand rolled,


  1. Induces minimal tissue irritability and hence is a safe option for root canal fillings
  2. Dimensionally Stable
  3. Thermoplastic with a melting point of 100 degree Celsius and softening point of 60-65 degree Celsius
  4. Addition of certain chemicals to gutta percha make it radiopaque
  5. Gutta Percha can be softened by the help of certain solvents which facilitates removal in case of a removal of the filling is needed.

Gutta Percha is supplied in cones or pellets depending on if it’s utilized as cold Gutta Percha obturation or warm Gutta Percha obturation. Dentist selects the Gutta Percha based on the root canal technique that is to be utilized. Smart Medical buyer has some of the most trusted brands for Gutta Percha including Coltene and Dentsply.

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