Foetal Monitor Paper

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Foetal Monitor Paper are utilized for reliable and accurate record retention. The most trusted Foetal Monitor Paper are Arrow Foetal Monitor Paper and Cardio print Foetal Monitor Paper. Foetal monitoring is done using Foetal Doppler or foetal heartbeat monitor. The Foetal Doppler machine emits ultrasound waves into the area and the foetal heart reflects these waves emitted by the Doppler foetal heart monitor. The foetal heart monitor detects   frequency change and then transforms it into sounds. Foetal Doppler provides an audible stimulation of heart beat and may also display heart rate in Beats per minute. Intermittent auscultation is done by a clinician using a foetal heart rate monitor or foetal heart doppler and the results are printed on foetal monitor paper. A foetal Doppler or pocket foetal Doppler is held against the abdomen to listen to the baby’s heartbeat and is repeated at several intervals. For high risk pregnancies a continuous auscultation using heart monitor machine or heart rate monitor hospital will be used. Foetal Monitoring is very essential in females who have received epidural anaesthesia, require oxytocin for delivery or have a complicated pregnancy. Using Foetal Monitor paper helps in keeping clear and accurate record keeping of the foetal heart rate and provides a reliable reading. Using a good quality foetal monitor paper with foetal heart rate doppler is essential for clarity of readings.

Always procure Foetal Monitor Paper for foetal monitoring using foetal doppler from reliable vendors to ensure authenticity and quality of products.

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