Electrosurgery/Cautery Pencil

Valleylab Monopolar Button Switch Pencil with Cord & Blade Electrodes

- The Valleylab Monopolar Button Switch Pencil allows surgeons to hear and feel the switch engage, preventing accidental activation of the device - It provides the fee...

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Valleylab Force Triverse Monopolar Button Switch Pencil

- The Valleylab Force Triverse Monopolar Button Switch Pencil allow you to access the Valleylab mode for a unique combination of monopolar hemostasis and dissection wh...

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Valleylab Monopolar Foot Switching Pencil with Stainless Steel Electrodes

- The Valleylab Monopolar Foot Switching Pencil with Stainless Steel Electrodes provides the feel and balance of a high quality surgical instrument, reducing the stres...

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Electrosurgery/Cautery Pencil

Electrosurgery is a medical procedure to cut, coagulate, desiccate or fulgurate biological tissue with the application of electric current. The electric current is of high frequency and alternating polarity. Electrosurgery is often used to mitigate bleeding. A generator is used to convert the 60 cycle current to over 300,000 cycles per minute as the 60 cycles per minute current causes nerve stimulation and electrocution. Tissue response to electric current can be one of the following:

Desiccation – The cells are slowly dried out and the blood vessels are thrombosed 

Fulguration – The surface is charred due to arcing or sparking of the energy above the tissue. The effect is more coagulatory in nature

Cutting – The cellular explosion caused due to cellular fluid vaporization results in scalpel like dissection

Electrosurgery pencils are used for the procedure of electrosurgery. They can be used in any surgical procedure including those of general surgery, plastic surgery, gynecological surgery, orthopaedic surgery etc. These pencils can be controlled by hand or be operated by a foot pedal. Electrosurgical pencils/ cautery pencils are either reusable or disposable. 

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