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Easyfit Adult Diapers

Easyfit Adult Diapers are personal hygiene products helpful for people who suffer from the problem of incontinence, bladder control and other health issues that make it difficult to control urinary functioning. Adult Diapers are also useful for those people who cannot access the toilet frequently such as being on bed rest. Adult Diapers can be worn by people who have lost complete voluntary control or have limited control over urination and defecation. Those with cognitive ailments such as dementia also make use of this product as they unable to determine the need to use a toilet. Using adult diapers avoids embarrassment and makes life easier for people living with such conditions. Adult diapers can also have tabs, plastic backing, leg cuffs, leak guards and straps to make them more convenient and reliable to use.

Easy Fit Adult diapers are available in brief (panty) style and pull up style. They come in a complete range of sizes and have various features such as a soft non-woven top layer, netted channels for faster absorption, wetness indicators, leak guards, and leg cuffs. Premium quality Easyfit adult diapers also have antibacterial properties.

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